Condusiv V-locity VM Testing

During the recent vForum event at Wembley I had an interesting meeting with Condusiv Technologies (formally Executive Software\ Diskeeper).

They were showing off the latest release of V-Locity VM.

V-locity VM is classed as a Performance Accelerator which offers benefits such as :-

Increase application performance by 50% Reduce latency by 50% […]

Configuring FreeNAS 8.3 – iSCSI and NFS Storage for VMware vSphere

This post will guide you through the configuration of FreeNAS 8.3 for use on VMware vSphere.

It is assumed at this stage that only the installation has been completed, we still need to create and configure the storage.

Log in to the web console of the FreeNAS server and browse to the Storage tab.


FreeNAS 8.0.2 Release is now ready for use

Back in May of last year I wrote a post about how I thought that FreeNAS 8.0.0 Release wasn’t actually ready or reliable, it had failed on me a couple of times and performance as far as NFS was concerned was dire. Testing of the NAS couldn’t continue because of the difficulties I was experiencing […]