vRealize Operations Manager 6 – One or more ports are experiencing network contention

Having installed vRealize Operations Manager a couple of times recently in my home lab I came across an error that initially caused me to rip out the lab and build it again changing the way my networking was being done. Why? Well the following error was being presented to me when I logged in to […]

Installing ESXi to a USB key using VMware Workstation 11

This is an updated post covering VMware Workstation 11 instead of Workstation 9, it’s been updated to cover installing using the formatwithmbr switch during the initial boot process as well as highlighting an issue with creating multiple USB keys from the same VM template.

This is still the the quickest and easiest method for […]

VMware Workstation Multiple USB ESXi Build Issue

During a rebuild of my home lab recently I stumbled on to problem which means I need to update the VMware Workstation \ Fusion ESXi build instructions I have previously issued. Due to me having to rebuild the hosts one at a time to ensure that the USB drives use the mbr partition instead of […]

SanDisk Cruzer Fit – Write Protect on ESXi 5.x – Fix

I recently came across an issue with my home lab that indicated I had an issue with my Cruzer Fit going to a Write Protect mode, doing a search online showed that a number of people were also exhibiting the same kinds of issues but this wasn’t being restricted to SanDisk Fit drives.

I have […]

DiskPart Commands to Clean and Format a USB or fixed Disk

I put together this little post to help people clean and format their USB or fixed disk in Windows 8.1, I needed this because some of my USB drives have previously been formatted with ESXi or Linux installed on them and this was the easiest way to bring them back to a useable format.

Continue […]

vRealize Operations Manager 6 – Initial vCenter Configuration

In previous posts I have demonstrated the installation and initial configuration for the vRealize Operations Manager 6 installation. At the end of the last post we were left at the log on screen to continue the configuration.

Log in with the admin user and password and let’s continue after the break to configure vRealize […]

Using Managed Object Browser to remove old vCOPS Registration

Playing around in my home lab over the last couple of months I carried out an installation of vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS), had a look around it and then promptly deleted the vApp after a month or so.

Spring forward a couple of months and going through the new vROPS 6 installation and going through […]