TS200 Server – Kernel Debug errors :(

Well having a single Win 2008 R2 server running Hyper-V is proving to be a bit of a problem for me.

Over the last couple of weeks I have installed my virtualised environment onto three of my four TS200 servers. I am running 2 ESXi boxes with the third machine running Win 2008 R2 with […]

My HomeLab – Setup Part 1

It’s begun, over the weekend I started to put together my-homelab.

In order to build up the environment detailed on my Home Labs page, I used 3 of my Lenovo TS200 servers, 2 of them with e3440 Xeon processors (ESXi) and 1 with the e3460 Xeon processor (Hyper-V). These are all quad core, eight threaded, […]

Hard work – does it pay off?? It appears not.

Oh well, it looks like hard work doesn’t actually pay off, I am no further forward where virtualising my company is concerned, at the top I have my CIO who has two very strong willed people giving her two very distinct views, me very heavily in favour of virtualisation and the Infrastructure manager who is […]

Hardwork – Does it pay off??

Hopefully I will be finding out more today.

I am trying to persuade work that virtualisation is definitely the route to go, senior management are buying in but unfortunately junior management aren’t. That means a convincing business case is needed.

I sure hope that my working with various resellers is going to pay off otherwise […]