Condusiv V-locity VM Testing

During the recent vForum event at Wembley I had an interesting meeting with Condusiv Technologies (formally Executive Software\ Diskeeper).

They were showing off the latest release of V-Locity VM.

V-locity VM is classed as a Performance Accelerator which offers benefits such as :-

Increase application performance by 50% Reduce latency by 50% […]

Restoring the IX4 – Firmware and Bootstrap issues

I was recently sent a request to re-upload my IX4 Acronis image again, this image can be used to image replacement disks to put into an IX4 (as Iomega don’t officially support non Iomega purchased disks). As I no longer had the original TIB file I decided to load up my old 500gb drives (they […]

Iomega IX4 – Non Cloud to Cloud Upgrades are not a good idea

Questions have been asked whether this was possible and for a short period of time Iomega even published instructions on their site on how to do it (but quickly pulled them, more on that later).

The differences between the non – cloud and cloud edition Iomega IX4’s seem pretty non-existent (I actually couldn’t find any […]

De-bricking the Iomega IX4-200d

I recently had a couple of comments on some of my IX4-200d posts asking for some assistance with the IX4, this chap (Johan) had experienced a failure of some sort that left his IX4 dead as a dodo (you all know the signs, a red LED of death and a graphic on the front of […]

How to upgrade your Iomega IX4-200D Disks

As some of you may have read previously I had a number of issues when I tried previously to upgrade my 2TB IX4 to make it into a 6TB IX4, whilst the disks were read and configured correctly, no matter what I tried I couldn’t configure any Data Protection on them.

Over the weekend I […]

Home Lab NAS/SAN Shoot-Out Part 1

In this new NAS\SAN Shoot-Out series I will be testing available NAS\SAN solutions out there for those of you wanting a free\cheap home based Lab NAS\SAN solution for your vSphere labs.

I will be providing the testing results of the following software solutions:-

Iomega IX4-200D

Openfiler (2.99)

FreeNAS (7.2 and 8.0RC5)

NexentaStor (3.0.4)

OpenIndiana (Build […]

IX4 Remote Access – Don’t use Jumbo Frames

Hi all, as some of you may know I recently experienced issues with my IX4 whilst using the paid for TZO subscription service for remote access, having diagnosed the fault down to one of two different avenues.

1, Jumbo Frames

2, Bonded NICs

I disabled both and over the last two weeks have re-enabled NIC […]