Iomega IX4 v Openfiler Performance Testing

Running my own home based lab I had struggled to find out which storage solution was going to be the best for me, I had multiple choices with the types of storage I could use (I own the following storage enabled\capable hardware; Buffalo TeraStation Pro 2, Iomega IX4-200d 2TB and HP’s MicroServer running Openfiler 2.3).


Iomega IX4 Remote Access – Update

An update to my previous post.

Having purchased the subscription for the TZO Remote Access for the NAS device I eventually had to open a support call with TZO because the SSL certificate still wasn’t downloaded to the device.

The only way that I actually managed to get the device to re-enable Remote Access was […]

Iomega IX4 Remote Access…. or not!!

The Iomega IX4 is a handy little unit that comes bundled with a whole load of loveliness, well actually it would do if the loveliness actually worked correctly.

Over the weekend I purchased a subscription from TZO to allow for remote access to my IX4 8TB unit. Included in that purchase was a 1 year […]

Openfiler (running on HP Microserver) or IX4 as my iSCSI Share?

So I have to make a decision, I am unsure on the speed of the IX4, add to that I am only using the 2tb version for iSCSI.

My Microserver has been running Openfiler for the last couple of weeks (nothing configured, just installed), like the IX4 it’s running software raid (I have 5 SATA […]

My HomeLab – Setup Part 1

It’s begun, over the weekend I started to put together my-homelab.

In order to build up the environment detailed on my Home Labs page, I used 3 of my Lenovo TS200 servers, 2 of them with e3440 Xeon processors (ESXi) and 1 with the e3460 Xeon processor (Hyper-V). These are all quad core, eight threaded, […]

Iomega… are you firmware locking your IX4’s? – No, they aren’t

Having decided that the 1.2tb of useable space (after applying iSCSI to it) I decided that as I had 4 1.5tb drives lying around I would see about upgrading the IX4 from 2tb to 6tb (I already have an 8tb unit used for file storage).

Now I am not the type of person who generally […]

Iomega Service and Support Rocks

Well after receiving my DOA IX4 the other week I dreaded how to long it was going to take to get the matter resolved. Initially I had tried replacing the power supply (again courtesy of Iomega) but that proved not to be the problem, the next step was the RMA process. Iomega off Advance RMA’s […]