Installing VMware Player 5.0.0 on Ubuntu 12.04

Just to give everyone a heads up that installing and running VMware Player 5 on Ubuntu 12.04 works perfectly and doesn’t require any additional steps to install apart from making the bundle executable (unlike previous versions which required manual patching, so a big thanks to VMware for finally fixing the issue )

chmod +x VMware-Player-5.0.0-812388.x86_64.bundle


Installing VMware Player 4.0.4 on Ubuntu 12.04

With my recent migration away from Windows to Ubuntu I decided to install VMware player to my machine, unfortunately this isn’t as straight forward as it is under Windows but it’s actually not too difficult if you follow these instructions.

First of all download VMware Player from the VMware site (registration is required but it’s […]

Desktop Operating Systems – I moved away from Windows to Ubuntu 12.04

In my last post I mentioned that I had looked at alternatives to Windows as I wasn’t happy with the direction that Microsoft have taken with Windows 8, don’t get me wrong I really like Windows 7 and think that it’s a great OS but Windows 8 left a lot to be desired where laptop\desktop […]

Desktop Operating Systems – A move away from Windows??

I have been a Windows guy from a very early age (actually I was a DOS guy before becoming a Windows guy) and it’s with surprise that I find myself in my current predicament. I recently had a go of the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview and unfortunately found myself really disliking it, don’t get […]