Installing the Home Lab – Configuring Datacenters and Hosts

In the previous post we installed and configured access to vCenter 5.5, it’s great that we have vCenter installed but with no datacenter or Hosts configured we aren’t going to be doing too much with our new installation so what we need to do is add a new datacenter and a host to allow us […]

Petition to Microsoft about the recently announced TechNet cancellation.

Someone has started a petition to try and get Microsoft to offer a cheaper MSDN solution in place of the just announced TechNet cancellation.

Microsoft Petition about MSDN \ TechNet

vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive Book Now Available

Frank and Duncan have managed to keep this quiet but over the last couple of months they have been working to get their boot updated to cover 5.1 material and get it published in time for VMworld and the launch of vSphere 5.1.

Head over to Amazon to pick up either a paper […]

Blog Updates

I had planned on posting part 3 of the NAS/SAN article by now, unfortunately life got in the way of my testing. As it stands at the moment the article is on hold for a couple of weeks because of that.

I can however tell you that testing of NexentaStor has been problematic due to […]

Iomega Service and Support Rocks

Well after receiving my DOA IX4 the other week I dreaded how to long it was going to take to get the matter resolved. Initially I had tried replacing the power supply (again courtesy of Iomega) but that proved not to be the problem, the next step was the RMA process. Iomega off Advance RMA’s […]

A quick update

I am in the process of putting a couple of articles together. This includes setting up Hyper-V in a lab environment and an article describing and putting my lab environment together.

iPad and other new toys

I recently went on a bit of a spending spree, I am now the proud owner of a 64gb wifi iPad, a new HP Microserver and 4 Lenovo TS200 servers (virtualisation product testing, probably 3 Hyper-Visors and one SAN\NAS box). All I need to do now is actually get to work and start building them […]