360GSP VCP 5 – DV ICM Course

I recently had the experience of going back to 360GSP to undertake my VCP 5 training. I had used them previously for my VCP 4 training and was more than impressed the first time around.

So first things first, there have been some changes to the way that 360GSP run their VMware courses, previously they […]

VCP5 – Cloud \ IaaS Study Training Material

So I have been fairly quiet recently and this is due to current work commitments. Work have undertaken a large Cloud Project which is great for me as it’s giving me an opportunity to gain an insight to vCD, vCOPS and the rest of the vCloud Suite of products.

With the area […]

New VMware Certification Tracks

VMware today announced a complete update to the VMware Certification Track.

There are now four certification tracks for people to go for, they are :-

Cloud Datacenter Virtualization End User Computing Cloud Application Platform

The tracks stack up like this.

What this essentially means for the exam taker is this, the original VCP 5 […]

VMware Certification Offerings

I was recently asked to list the current VMware certification offerings over on the Certforums website and decided that it can’t hurt to have them listed over here as well.

VMware have a number of different exam \ certification paths open to individuals now, however initially they only offered a single certification and that was […]

VMware VCP 4 Passed – Lessons Learnt

As I have stated in the past I have been studying for my VCP for a while, I managed to take the ICM course last year and probably spent a good four months afterwards studying to make sure I passed with ease. Disaster struck when work suddenly went crazy and my study opportunities disappeared. It […]

VMware VCP 5 (VCP 511) Training Requirements – Updated

VMware recently updated the requirements for the VCP 5 upgrade, for a limited time VCP3’s can now upgrade to the VCP5 by attending the What’s New (5.0) course, like the earlier requirements this also has a best before date of Feb 29th 2012.

The VCP 511 Exam Blueprint can be found here

Like this:Like […]

VMware VCP 5 (VCP 511) Training Requirements

As vSphere 5 has now been announced the training and certification requirements also been released.

The good news is that as with previous releases there is a grace period for all current VCP holders to upgrade their certification to VCP5 5 and that grace period is somewhat decent, currently there is no course requirement until […]