V-locity 5 Install and Configuration

So I was recently offered the chance to test drive V-locity 5 to see how it compared against the previous V-locity VM product that I tested nearly two years ago, one of the big differences between the two products is that this time I am using the V-locity Management Console (VMC) as my centralised management […]

Condusiv V-locity 5 Testing

Nearly two years ago I was given the opportunity to take out the Condusiv Technologies V-locity VM version 4 product for a spin in my home lab, the results were pretty positive and certainly something I would suggest to anyone running a Windows estate to investigate.

Move forward a couple of years and I […]

VCA4-DT Training Aids

The VCA4-DT exam has been out for a while now and whilst there still isn’t a required attendance on a course there also isn’t a great deal of training material out there for the exam.

The following material can be used to aid your study for the exam, it’s important to note that the VCA4-DT […]

VMware View 9 Day Bootcamp

VMware are releasing a 9 day VMware View Bootcamp Series covering all aspects of virtual desktops.

There will be 9 videos, each video released daily starting on the 19th July.

Topics covered over the 9 days are :-

Day 1 – Design Considerations Guidelines for VMware View – Overview

Speaker – John Dodge, Sr. Manager […]

ThinApp’d vSphere Client Error – “The type initializer for ‘xr’ threw an exception”

I have been using the ThinApp’d version of the vSphere client that I created on my desktop PC rather than installing the thick client, it’s obviously smaller and cleaner and until recently hadn’t caused me any issues.

I was installing the Xangati OVF and decided to add the vDS (vNetwork Distributed Switch) to my homelab […]

ThinApp – How to virtualise the vSphere Client (4.1u1)

As promised yesterday here is a quick tutorial showing how to ThinApp the vSphere client, so as to reduce the package size as much as possible the work was carried out on a fully patched Windows XP SP3 machine with the J# redist installed as well.

The entire process from start to finish took about […]

VMware ThinApp 4.6 Starter Bundle Licensing Issues

About six months back when VMware had a deal going where if you purchased VMware Workstation you also received a license for VMware ThinApp Starter Bundle I decided to take the plunge and made the purchase (it was also at the time when workstation had a $50 discount going on).

Before now I hadn’t really […]