VMware Academy Training Experience – vSphere 6 ICM Course with 360GSP

Over the years I have experienced a lot of VMware training, whether that’s been with a VMware VATC (VMware Approved Training Centre), Directly with VMware or via the VMware Academy route.

My previous VCP 4 and 5 training has been carried out via the Academy route and rarely differed from the usual VATC provided training, […]

V-locity 5 Install and Configuration

So I was recently offered the chance to test drive V-locity 5 to see how it compared against the previous V-locity VM product that I tested nearly two years ago, one of the big differences between the two products is that this time I am using the V-locity Management Console (VMC) as my centralised management […]

VCP5-DCV (VCP550) Exam Blueprint Downloadable Documents Bundle

As preparation for my VCP5-DCV (VCP-550) study Guide I downloaded all of the documents mentioned in the blueprint and decided to put them in to an easily downloadable bundle for everyone else to download.

The zip file contains folders for each objective and contains some duplications but for the most part shared files for each […]

Creating a CentOS 7 VMware Gold Template – Updated for Deployment Fix

I have created a new post here that details the most up to date information for CentOS 7.x Templates.


I have documented how to create a CentOS 7 VMware Gold Template for all the non-Linux admins out there.

Following the instructions below will yield a template ready for future installs that ensures you […]

VMware Certification 2015 Road Map

With the release of vSphere 6 yesterday VMware have now also released their road map for 2015 on their certification offerings.

As expected there is the new VCP6 DCV exam but it’s also no surprise that the recently announced VCIX has made further in roads and replaced the VCAP exams across the board.

We also […]

vRealize Operations Manager 6 – One or more ports are experiencing network contention

Having installed vRealize Operations Manager a couple of times recently in my home lab I came across an error that initially caused me to rip out the lab and build it again changing the way my networking was being done. Why? Well the following error was being presented to me when I logged in to […]

SanDisk Cruzer Fit – Write Protect on ESXi 5.x – Fix

I recently came across an issue with my home lab that indicated I had an issue with my Cruzer Fit going to a Write Protect mode, doing a search online showed that a number of people were also exhibiting the same kinds of issues but this wasn’t being restricted to SanDisk Fit drives.

I have […]